I begin all record sleeve design projects with a consultation so I may learn about the material on the record (getting a chance to hear the material is also very inspiring and helpful) and whether the project has any special requirements that may affect the fee or any other aspects of production.


Typically, I design sleeves from material submitted by the client, such as photographs and lyrics. I am happy to provide additional material myself, such as bespoke illustration, and discuss a combined fee.


Consultation makes the project more efficient and it works best when I can meet you in person but it is also possible by way of telephone or e-mail (see contact below). After consultation, I will create a rough version of the record sleeve layout and show it to you before developing it into the finished product.


Once the finished product is created, up to three revisions may be made, such as change of colour or minor changes of composition. If further revisions are required then the project fee will increase in accordance with the additional work. The above pricing is for a CD sleeve but I can also design vinyl records sleeves and other packaging depending upon your supplier; don't hesitate to contact me and discuss any projects you have in mind.

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